What does my cloud infrastructure look like? What have I build over the past years? How did it all start? Why did I do this?

My personal cloud infrastructure runs mainly within the Google Cloud Platform’s ecosystem. Everything managed with infrastructure as code using terraform as the provider to orchestrate it all.

Continuous Integration and Delivery

For the CI/CD (Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery) part of all this I use Google Cloud Build. This is solely for the reason that it is cheap and easy to use. Personally I do not exceed the free tier of 120 minutes a month. But within Cloud Build I deploy my infrastructure via terraform and build my container images in.

Image Registry

Image registry I have but it is private within GCP. This is mainly to store my images where my websites are hosted in.


Continuous Deployment

For the other CD (Continuous Deployment) I use flux. Flux detects new images on the required registries and helm repositories. And Deploys them according to my desired specifications (semver 2.0). And if a new change is matching the criteria it will deploy it into my cluster.

This deployment method is not only for docker images that I host (see above use cases) but also for my cert-manager deployment. Or my ingress-nginx deployment.


For my SSO / IDP i use Google Workspaces for now. As this was what I already had available and I do not want to use keycloak.

Multi cloud

My Cloud Service Providers are Google Cloud Platform as primary CSP. And AWS as my secondary CSP. Sometimes for customers I want to proof that their security rules are in the way of doing things. But also I want to stay on top of the stack of AWS. Therefor I try things out there.


My AWS account stack has an ORG + member account. Both connected via AWS SSO using Google Workspaces as my IDP.


My GCP account has multiple projects where i can separate things in. So in example my sites are hosted in a single project. Were my CI/CD also is operating in. But my SSO, Billing and DNS are hosted in my primary project.


For kubernetes I mainly run in GCP GKE with automatic updates from the RAPID channel. With a auto scaling node pool. This scaling is required when a deployment gets updated and I have not enough capacity to support this rollout. And after upgrading it also shrinks back to the original state. In GKE i use the preemptible nodes at a E2-micro instance type.

The manifests are build with kustomize via flux.


For SSL certificates to secure the connections with TLS encryption I use letsencrypt. It is easy to use with cert-manager inside of kubernetes. It also does the rotation of certificates for me so they will not expire.

Content Delivery Network

My CDN provider is CloudFlare free tier. As egress traffic is mainly expensive in any cloud, and a CDN could reduce this traffic by caching.

Orchestrating it all

To orchestrate this all of this I use a GitHub repository that hosts this all inside of either terraform code or kubernetes manifests. Please see Siebjee/kubernetes on how I do this. Yes this repository I use, and it is in a dire need of cleanup :).